Professional investors and entrepreneurs driving innovation in the bitcoin ecosystem

CCP invests in crypto currencies and start-up companies that service the ecosystems for Bitcoin and selected altcoins. We believe crypto currencies are the harbinger of decentralized applications that will fundamentally change the internet and the digital economy. Few can imagine the change but none can ignore it.


We invest in people first and ideas second. A business is only as valuable as the people behind it who carry it from an idea to execution. We choose our entrepreneurs carefully to back. Our goal is to help each portfolio company with our decades of business experience and far reaching relationships to achieve success.

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Authy is the first strong authentication platform built for large-scale applications and built with the end-user in mind.

Logo5 is a white-label Bitcoin Exchange as a Service.


The Texas Bitcoin Conference will allow attendess to explore this new technology from a host of angles.

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Protect your Bitcoin holdings with the world's first multi-signature secure wallet.


BitFury produce Groundbreaking, State of the Art products which facilitate Bitcoin itself, the Bitcoin network and its infrastructure.


We provide bank-grade security on cryptocurrency for developer apps without ever taking possession of funds.


ChangeTip makes it easy to be generous online. You can send tips through comments, by mentioning @changetip and an amount.


A next generation crypto currency exchange targeting the professional trader.


Simple, easy, fast and safe way to buy Bitcoin


FreshPay helps people use digital currencies in the real world.


The most advanced payment gateway for all kinds of crypto currencies.


Secure, feature-rich trading for bitcoin and other digital assets


Financial technology products for cryptocurrencies

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Unlocking 28,000,000 locations for you to spend your digital currency

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Sunlot is a premier global financial services firm for crypto asset trading

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Changing the way people store, access and think about money


Global cash payment network enabling consumers to buy, use or send digital currencies

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